Project & Infrastructure Finance

The following is a summary of the principal components, which should be incorporated in the feasibility reports, or business plans. Applicants may, however, incorporate other relevant information to support their proposals depending on the type of project.

a) Brief description of project:
i. What business the project wishes to undertake and what the project involves.
ii. A description of the relevant economy and industry factors surrounding the project.
iii. The nature and particulars of the project company including shareholders and directors, financial standing and business history.

b) Sponsorship, management and technical assistance:
i. History and business of sponsors, including financial information.
ii. Proposed management arrangements and names and curriculum vitae of managers.
iii. Description of technical arrangements and other external assistance (management, production, marketing, finance, etc.).

c) Market and sales:
i. Basic market orientation: local, national, regional, or export.
ii. Projected production volumes, unit prices, sales objectives, and market share of proposed venture.
iii. Potential users of products and distribution channels to be used.
iv. Present sources of supply for products.
v. Future competition and possibility that market may be satisfied by substitute products.
vi. Tariff protection or import restrictions affecting products.
vii. Critical factors that determine market potential.

d) Technical feasibility, manpower, raw material resources, and environment:
i. Brief description of manufacturing process.
ii. Comments on special technical complexities and need for knowhow and special skills.
iii. Possible suppliers of equipment.
iv. Availability of manpower and of infrastructure facilities (transport and communications, power, water, etc.).
v. Breakdown of projected operating costs by major categories of expenditures.
vi. Source, cost, and quality of raw material supply and relations with support industries.
vii. Import restrictions on required raw materials.
viii. Proposed plant location in relation to suppliers, markets, infrastructure and manpower.
ix. Proposed plant size in comparison with other known plants.
x. Potential environmental issues and how these issues are addressed.

e) Investment requirements, project and infrastructure financing, and returns:

i. Estimate of total project cost, broken down into land, construction, installed equipment, and working capital, indicating foreign exchange component.
ii. Proposed financial structure of venture, indicating expected sources and terms of equity and debt financing.
iii. Type of financing required and amount.
iv. Projected financial statement, information on profitability, and return on investment.
v. Critical factors determining profitability.

f) Financials The following should be provided:

i. Audited financial statements with audit reports for the past three (3) years and related supporting data. Provisional statements will be required where audited accounts are not available. Explanation needs to be given for any material negative or positive variances in the financial statements.

ii. Projected Income statement, Balance sheet and Cash flow statements as well as underlying assumptions for the envisage tenor of the transaction

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